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Insurance Considerations When Hiring a Babysitter

If you’re looking to hire a babysitter, the question may arise as to whether or not you need to invest in liability insurance. Insurance for a babysitter is a confusing subject because it’s typically an hourly gig, and unless the sitter works for a daycare organization, they’re considered self-employed. This leads to differing views on […]

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What to Consider When Selecting Teen Auto Insurance

If you have a car and a teenager at your home, then it’s probably only a matter of time before they’re asking for the keys. If teen auto insurance is in your future, here are some things to consider before insuring your teen’s first set of wheels. Auto Insurance Discounts There’s no doubt that teens […]

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The Building Burns With Fire

How to Insure a Home in a High-Risk Area

Your homeowner’s insurance typically covers any damage to your house that’s caused by a natural disaster. Although, when you live in certain areas, finding suitable insurance can prove to be challenging and expensive. Most companies that do provide high-risk fire insurance have more costly premiums, but not insuring your property isn’t an option, especially in […]

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Auto Insurance: Factors in Pricing

Car insurance providers calculate auto insurance pricing based on your driving history and personal information. They take this data into account to determine how risky it is to insure your car. For example, a driver with several violations or a DUI will have a higher insurance rate than one with a spotless record. High-risk drivers […]

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Insuring Homes in High-Risk Fire Zones

Summer is almost here and we’re seeing an increasing trend where California homeowners are being non-renewed by their insurer due to the risk of wildfires. Not only can this leave you frustrated and with fewer options, but it drives up the cost of premiums. If you need high-risk fire insurance, here’s what you should know… […]

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Health Insurance During COVID-19

We all know how health insurance works; an insurer pays the medical expenses of the insured if they become sick due to illness or injury. But what happens if you lose your job, so you lose your health coverage? This question has never been more relevant than during the coronavirus pandemic, as millions of people […]

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Conversations About Life Insurance

Life insurance is essential, but there are so many options. Having an open conversation with loved ones can help you decide which policy to choose. It’s important to explain to family members that life insurance isn’t based on the value of each person, only their economic contribution to the household. The following article is an […]

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California Auto Insurance

Did you know that you legally don’t have to carry auto insurance in California? It’s true. You just have to prove that you have “financial responsibility” by one of four methods: Leaving a huge, interest-free cash deposit of $35,000 with the DMV Getting a DMV-issued self-insurance certificate, which you can acquire here by putting down […]

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If you do not have a source of health care coverage or have recently lost your employer-sponsored health care coverage, here are some options you can explore. Contact the specific programs for more information.  COVERED CALIFORNIA:  If you have recently lost your employer-sponsored coverage (or experienced another “qualifying life event” such as having a child), […]

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Mobile Home Insurance

Mobile home insurance provides financial protection in case your home is damaged, much like a general homeowner’s insurance policy. The details of your coverage will depend on the policy you choose. Even though it’s not a legal requirement, both mobile home communities and mortgage companies typically consider proof of insurance a necessity. And really, forgoing […]

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