The Building Burns With Fire

How to Insure a Home in a High-Risk Area

Your homeowner’s insurance typically covers any damage to your house that’s caused by a natural disaster. Although, when you live in certain areas, finding suitable insurance can prove to be challenging and expensive. Most companies that do provide high-risk fire insurance have more costly premiums, but not insuring your property isn’t an option, especially in a risky area. So, what’s the best way to insure your home in a high-risk area?

Choose a Reputable Insurance Agent

Your best bet for finding high-risk fire insurance is to consult with an insurance professional. After all, this is their specialty. They’re familiar with the best high-risk fire insurance policies and can direct you to the right provider.

Make Improvements

Home improvements can sometimes make your property more insurable. For example, installing stormproof windows prevents wind damage in areas that are prone to hurricanes. In this case, a local insurer would be more willing to insure your home because some of the risk was mitigated.

Unfortunately, major improvements like elevating your foundation are expensive. Before making any changes, check with an agent to confirm whether the upgrades would be a worthwhile investment.

Negotiate with a Provider

If you’re in an area for high-risk fire insurance, you may be able to negotiate to make your home more insurable. For example, offering to pay a higher deductible means you’re less likely to file a claim, which lowers their financial risk.

High-Risk Fire Insurance for Your Home

Ultimately, the decision you make should be both cost-effective and comprehensive. If you suspect you’ll need high-risk insurance for your home, contact us at (925) 447-1744, or by email at You can even request a quote online. We’ll help you select the best policy for your situation and guide you through the process, step by step. Also, don’t forget to ask us about our discounts!