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Mobile Home Insurance

Mobile home insurance provides financial protection in case your home is damaged, much like a general homeowner’s insurance policy. The details of your coverage will depend on the policy you choose. Even though it’s not a legal requirement, both mobile home communities and mortgage companies typically consider proof of insurance a necessity. And really, forgoing coverage would only put you at risk.

What Does Mobile Home Insurance Cover?

Dwelling Coverage: This coverage applies to the physical soundness of your home. It helps with the cost to rebuild or repair structural damage. For example, if a broken tree branch collapsed the roof.

Liability Protection: Liability coverage protects you in the event that someone is injured while on your property. Your insurance company would be responsible for any legal defense fees, plus financial damages awarded to the injured party. However, the policy only protects you to the extent of your coverage limit.

Personal Property: Personal property includes damaged or stolen belongings. For example, if someone rode off with your bike, your insurance policy should protect you from the financial loss. You’d need to pay an insurance deductible to make a claim, though.

Cost Considerations

These kinds of insurance policies range widely in price, so we recommend reviewing several options before making a decision. Overall, the location of the home, the amount of coverage you desire, plus the age of the structure, affect premium costs.

Mobile Home Insurance Quotes

Today, almost everything is available online. However, it can actually be tricky to search for mobile home insurance quotes on the Internet. This is because many of the largest, most reputable insurance companies simply don’t list insurance premiums online.

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